Paso Robles


The team at A.M. Sun Solar installed 368 solar panels on the club roof and 585 solar panels on the covered parking structures. That’s a total of 953 solar panels with a system size of 338.3 kW! To put that into perspective, the solar energy will offset:

  • 84 cars driven a year, or 958,291 miles driven a year
  • 427,771 pounds of coal burned
  • 42 homes’ energy use for one year
  • 905 barrels of oil

That’s doing a lot of good for our community and the environment.

We appreciate your patience during the construction and hope you are enjoying the shaded parking.

If you’re thinking of solar for your home or business, A.M. Sun Solar is offering Kennedy Club members 12 months of your Kennedy Club Fitness membership dues when you purchase a Solar Energy system. Click here to claim your 12-month membership dues offer:

Keep an eye out for more exciting developments at our clubs!