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Small Group and Corporate Membership Plans

Businesses, both large and small, ultimately pay a signature percentage of medical costs for all employees. Much of these costs are attributed to illnesses and injuries that are clearly preventable. It makes sense businesses to help their employees establish healthy lifestyles.

The benefits of employees who exercise include reduced absenteeism and disability time, improved productivity and morale, and reduced medical claims including work-related injuries. Read more here

We offer special discounted rates for companies who wish to participate in a Corporate Wellness Membership Plan. Companies, large and small, may choose to subsidize either partially or in full, or facilitate through a payroll deduction system. There are several options available to choose from.

If you would like to assess the interest for your employees, ask for FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIPS for your employees and their family members. Contact our Corporate Membership Department at (805) 781-3488 or email today.


ATT: Mind Body Employees: 

Click here to join online or call (805) 781-3488 with questions.


(Changes to your membership account may not be requested through the website.    Contact your club’s Member Services Department Monday-Friday 9am to 6pm.)

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