My Zone

Try the latest, most popular and accurate, fitness tracker on the market today—MyZone!

Make your workout time work for you!  Now available for purchase at the Front Desk for $99 (reg. $149).


Wondering what it’s all about? Click on this short video to learn more.

Forbes says this about MyZone: “FitBits were among the first wearable technologies, but what else beyond FitBits can consumers expect to help with their health goals? Enter MYZONE, the recent wearable technology winner at the Wearable Technology Show in London. MYZONE essentially tracks “every ounce of effort you put into exercise by the beat of your heart”, as explained on their website. The collected data is then used in a very simple point system called MEPS (MYZONE Effort Points) that gives users a sense of satisfaction, achievement and results based on the data collected. It’s biggest difference from other more common wearable tech is that its design is in the form of a chest strap versus a wrist band. Their explanation for this? Accuracy. As explained on their website, “wrist based devices are simply not accurate for exercise that is non rhythmical, at a high intensity, or when the wearer tenses their forearm muscles. Therefore, the data that comes from these devices is inaccurate when boxing, jumping, lifting, or moving in different ways, and inaccurate data is irrelevant. This is why MYZONE uses a chest strap, because the information collected is 99.4% accurate to an EKG machine and is fit for the purpose of exercise.”

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