Country Club Privileged Account (CCPA)

Country Club Privileged Account (CCPA) Memberships–Save 50% OFF Your Membership!

Each Kennedy Club Fitness location offers a limited number of Country Club Privileged Account (CCPA) Memberships.  This special membership plan will SAVE YOU HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS!  As long as you own a CCPA membership, your immediate family receives:

·50% OFF all membership dues
·15% OFF select services and products throughout the club, including but not limited to:

  • Personal Training
  • Kidz Club
  • Aquatic Lessons and Programs
  • Pro Shop
  • Hydro Massage/Tanning
  • And more!

The plan is really quite simple. Besides the significant savings your $4000 CCPA purchase provides you, it is similar to an exclusive golf country club membership, in that it can be resold for the current market value. When the initial offering of 300 per location (150 for Arroyo Grande) has been sold out, the price to repurchase will increase with market demand.

While there is no guarantee that the value will increase over the years, Kennedy Club Fitness will guarantee to repurchase your CCPA from you for the original $4,000 purchase upon the expiration date of your membership, should you so request it.

You do the math…It’s inevitable that as typical business expenses increase over the years, so will our membership dues, as will the CCPA 50% savings increase. And, if you are purchasing other services and merchandise at the club, you will save even more!

If saving money appeals to you, contact your club’s Membership Department. Ask to take home the Country Club Privileged Account (CCPA) booklet to review this membership plan in detail.

You will see for yourself…becoming a CCPA member just makes ‘cents’!