Atascadero Kidz Club

Welcome to our Kidz Club Facility!

Sherry Perry, Kidz Club Director
Direct line: (805) 226-4343

Kidz Club Child Care Card Rates
$60.00 for a 30 Hour Card
$45.00 for a 15 Hour Card
$5.00 per hour



Kidz Club Hours Vary by Location

Monday             8am – 8:15pm
Tuesday             8am – 8:15pm
Wednesday        8am – 8:15pm
Thursday           8am – 8:15pm
Friday                 8am – 7pm
Saturday            7:45a – 1pm
Sunday               8am – 1pm

Call KCF-Atascadero at 466-6775  for more information


Kidz Club  is a great and fun environment for your children to enjoy while you are working out.  By following these policies below, we can ensure a pleasant, safe and sanitary environment for your child.

1.  It is recommended that members make a reservation.  To make a reservation simply call your club of choice, during childcare business hours, and ask for Childcare.  One of our childcare staff will be happy to take your reservation.
2.  Childcare cards can be purchased at the front desk and are not transferable between clubs or refundable.
3.  Our childcare facility is available for children six weeks to ten years old.
4.  Please provide necessary diapers, pull-ups & wipes and clearly label all bags, bottles & pacifiers.  Staff will do their best to ensure that diapers are changed as needed.  If your child has special needs we would  appreciate your assistance.
5.  Shirts are required for all children and shoes are required for all children who are able to walk.  Please ensure that if your child is participating in a KCF activity that upon return to Kidz Club they are dressed accordingly.
6.  Please provide a snack for your child. Due to our increased capacity we would appreciate full meals being served at home.  The following items are not allowed: peanuts, peanut butter, gum, hard candy, popcorn and chocolate. Grapes and cherries are OK as long as they are pitted and cut in half.
7.  Parent/Guardian must remain on the premises while child is in our care.  Children will not be released to anyone other than their parent/guardian.
8.  Dangerous toys such as balloons, guns, sharp objects, or small toys are not allowed.
9.  Parents will be asked to pick up their children who cannot be calmed or who are continually disruptive.
10. All Children must be in good health to be accepted in to Kidz Club. Do not bring your child if they have had a fever over 100 or if they have had diarrhea  within a 24 hour period.  We reserve the right to turn away a child that we feel may be contagious. If your child is too sick for school than they are too sick for Kidz Club.  (If your child has missed school due to illness, they are also too ill to be in our childcare facility.)

Kennedy Club Fitness childcare staff thanks you for your patronage and the trust you put in us.
We look forward to serving your needs.  We hope your children will have many hours of enjoyment in the Kidz Club!