Atascadero Fitness Training

ATASCADERO Fitness Training

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Jumpstart to Success:
Your membership includes a complimentary fitness orientation, In-Body scan and two complimentary training sessions with a certified personal trainer. These appointments are designed to assist you in developing a safe, effective workout plan and help you get acquainted with our strength-training and cardiovascular equipment. Call today to set your orientation sessions! (805) 466-6775.


Many of our members need further assistance beyond the fitness orientation sessions. Studies show that the ongoing utilization of a certified Personal Trainer can substantially increase your success. You may need the accountability of having a scheduled appointment to exercise regularly, or you may be recovering from an injury, surgery or illness. You might just want a few sessions to learn something new or you need help breaking out of a plateau.

Our Personal Trainers are here to help you! Your Certified Personal Trainer will:
• Design a unique and effective exercise program based upon your needs, goals, schedule and health history.
• Take you step-by-step through each exercise, paying close attention to form and motivating you to work at your personal best.
• Act as your personal coach, providing you with the incentive to get to the club on a regular basis; often one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome.

Personal Training options include:
• ½ Hour Sessions
• One Hour Sessions
• Partner Training (2 people)
• Small Group Training (3-10 people)

Specialty Programs
We offer various programs throughout the year, please check with the club for what is coming and look for flyers posted around the club! Programs include: 30-Day Boot Camps, Small Group Training, Running Club, Rock Wall Open Climb and climbing lessons, Summer Youth and more!