Arroyo Grande Fitness Training

Mark Pazell, GM and Fitness Director (805) 481-2888

Your membership includes a complimentary health and fitness assessment to evaluate your current fitness level, discuss your goals and pair you with the right personal trainer. A session may also include an In-Body scan (you are fully clothed) which will identify areas of strength, where you can improve and other functional feedback to direct your trainer’s focus. Our goal is to assist you in developing a safe, effective workout plan and to acquaint you with the varied strength-training and cardiovascular equipment. Call today to set your first orientation session at (805) 481-2888.


Members may need or desire further assistance or training beyond the fitness orientation session. Studies show that the ongoing utilization of a certified Personal Trainer can substantially increase your success. You may need the accountability of having a scheduled appointment to exercise regularly; you may be recovering from an injury, surgery or illness; you may have a sport-specific or lifestyle goal, or just need a couple of sessions to break out of a plateau. Whatever your need, we have a trainer for you.

Your Certified Personal Trainer will:
• Design a unique and effective exercise program based upon your needs, goals, schedule and health history.
• Take you step-by-step through each exercise, paying close attention to form and motivating you to work at your personal best.
• Act as your personal coach, providing you with the incentive to get to the club on a regular basis; often one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome.

 Personal Training options may include:
• ½ Hour Sessions
• One Hour Sessions
• Partner Training (2 people)
• Small Group Training (3-10 people)

Specialty Programs
Many specialty programs are offered throughout the year that may include:, Small Group Training, TRX, Weight Loss, Trigger Point Therapy Clinics and more. Stay informed by following our twice monthly Newsletters and your favorite social media site.


Exclusive to KCF-Arroyo Grande:

FREE TRX Classes start February 3rd See flyer below for details.

Valkyrie Training  with Personal Trainer, Abbey Ayers. Follow Abbey through rigorous routines to challenge your current limits.  See flyer below.

Amy’s Early Morning Circuit with Personal Trainer, Amy Harper.   Heart-pumping circuit intervals designed to lean you down, increase strength. See flyer below.

Perseverance by Pitts with Personal Trainer, David Pitts:  Real people achieving real results.  Change the way you think, eat, move and feel. See flyer below.

Coalition with Personal Trainer, David Pitts:  6-week program designed to combine both worlds: Look and BE Strong.  See flyer below.